The Biggest Waste of Time Ever! How to Stop Being Hard on Yourself

IMG_3506If you sit back and really think about it – how much time is spent throughout the day being hard on yourself? A lot right?!

As I’ve become more aware of myself and my thoughts, I’ve really started to notice what it feels like when being I’m hard on myself. Something will trigger the thought and a combination of the following occurs: Tight chest, increased heart beat, knot in the tummy with a dash of nausea, and a tingly head that feels as if a rubber band is around it. Of course, thoughts going a million miles an hour that are berating, fear based, and just plain mean. These thoughts are most likely caught in the past and then they start manifesting a dismal future. To top it off these thoughts and feelings that aren’t even ours! UGH!

When we’re hard on ourselves, we’re not focusing on the present and we miss out.

Can you imagine what would happen if we were nicer to ourselves? Amazing things, right?!?! Like, being present, noticing the birds chirping, the sound of rain hitting the roof or the sunlight beating on your face. Even better yet – opportunity. The more present we are, and not caught up in the past or comparing ourselves to others, we become more aware. Aware of ourselves and our surroundings, which creates positive space, which then allows opportunity to enter into our lives.

The next time you’re unkind to yourself, take a moment to notice what’s going on. No judgment, just notice how you feel. Then ask yourself, is this how I want to be treated?

What happens when you’re hard on yourself? 

Author: melissa

I use this as a platform to jot down my ideas. I'm into energy healing and life coaching and am building a private practice rooted in upgrading ones life.

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